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Dymamic Task Folder

Sometimes, you may need to synchronize some similar sub folders in a directory. For example, you have folder structure like:


And, you want to synchronize all image folders. An obvious option is to add all of them to a task. But it takes time and sometimes it's not even workable when they grow every day.

With Dynamic Task Folder, you can simply use path like "c:\myfiles\image<1000-2000>". Beyond Sync will automatically pickup all folders like image1000, image1002, image1003, in "c:\myfiles\". So, if you have following settings:

Source Folder: c:\myfiles\image<1000-2000>
Target Folder: d:\backup\myfiles

You'll actually have many task folder folders as:

Source Folder: c:\myfiles\image1000
Target Folder: d:\backup\myfiles\image1000

Source Folder: c:\myfiles\image1001
Target Folder: d:\backup\myfiles\image1001

Source Folder: c:\myfiles\image1002
Target Folder: d:\backup\myfiles\image1002


Just like you added them to a task manually.


  • You only need to put the dynmaic tags to path of Source Folder or Target Folder, but not both.




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