Real time file sync made easy
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Why do you say real time sync is VERY effective?


Real time sync is an unique feature in Beyond Sync. It's the easiest and the most effective method you can find for file sync. It has two main advantages:


Fully Automated

Unlike normal scheduled sync which requires you to setup schedule options before it can work. With real time sync, you just enable it and it will start working in background. You can focus on your own job and the files will be synchronized immediately when they are created, updated or deleted. That's definitely the easiest way for file sync.


The Best Performance

The reason is simple: Real Time Sync doesn't scan folders for changes detection at all. You might didn't notice the performance issue when your folders contain only hundreds of files. That's because the folder scanning is pretty fast. However, if you have more files, e.g. 100 thousands, or you are synchronizing network folders, you'll notice that the folder scanning takes some time. Furthermore, in most time, there are only several files changed and most time are wasted.

Real Time Sync means it doesn't care about file or directory number. No matter there are 100 files or 1 million files, you can always get the same and the best performance!


Want to see how it actually works? Watch Beyond Sync real time sync demo.



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