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File name conversion

Beyond Sync allows you to rename file after it's synchronized. There are four options: Capitalize, Lowercase, Uppercase , Customize and Change Extension.

The Customize option supports following variables:

%FN% Original file name
%DATE% Current date. e.g. 20121212
%TIME% Current time in 24 hours format. e.g. 231030
%DATETIME% Current date time. e.g. 20121212 231030

Where "N" is an auto increment number, starts from 1 and "x" is a number, 1~4, for minimal string length. When the number string less than "x", it will be filled with leading zero.

For example: %N3%. When N is 9, the final string is 009. When it's 99, the final string will be 099. When it's 999, the final string is 999

For example there is a file "demo.txt" and "%FN%-%N2%" as customized option. The generated file will be "demo-01.txt", "demo-02.txt", "demo-03.txt"... "demo-99.txt".

The Change Extension lets you change file's extensions.

For example, if the rule is "txt=txt_backup;jpg=jpeg". And you have two files: a.txt, b.jpg. Then the result will be "a.txt_backup" and "b.jpeg".

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